These simple adjustments can even prevent pre-diabetics from becoming diabetic, so lifestyle modification is key!

If you are diabetic, regular optical check ups are essential to avoid complications such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma. La Boutique Eyewear specialises in eye care health for people living with diabetes and is here to help you. We have the knowledge and equipment for the early detection of diabetes and as well as for monitoring people with diabetes.

Some diabetic people have nothing more than minor eye disorders because their glucose level are low and stable. However those with high and unstable blood glucose are at a higher risk of having terrible vision problems, like haemorrhages and that leads to blindness, this vision loss is irreversible!


Diabetes requires a team effort and you need to be under the care of a GP, nephrologist, podiatrist, optometrist, ophthalmologist, nurse, dietician, biokinetisist and other health care professionals who specialise in diabetes.

Regular check-ups with La Boutique Eyewear’s specially trained optometrists will maintain optimal eye health and give you a proper understanding of how the disease is impacting on your vision.

Specialised Optometry For People Living With Diabetes

La Boutique Eyewear will perform a complete eye exam, at least once year. This is intended to diagnose and treat any problems early. During your exam, the optometrist will use a special camera called a fundus camera to photograph your retina, so we can check the blood vessels in your eyes for early signs of damage.

Several times a year your eye doctor will perform an HBA1c blood test. It shows your blood sugar levels over the past 3 months. Your result should be around 7% or less.

Self-monitoring glucose tests are crucial, and checking your HBA1c level is so important for optical health. La Boutique Eyewear will help guide you and give you the correct education and path if diabetes is discovered under our care.

You should check your blood pressure regularly because high blood pressure alone can lead to eye disease. For most people with diabetes, blood pressure should be less than 140/80. If you have both high blood pressure and diabetes, you have to be extra careful about your diet and regular exercise.

Diet, exercise and stopping smoking can greatly improve your blood glucose levels and therefore decrease the chances of eye problems.
If this isn’t controlled, it can lead to proliferative diabetic retinopathy which is extremely serious and can reduce vision permanently.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is when the tiny blood vessels in your eye (retina) enlarge, due to increased glucose in the blood, and eventually start to leak blood and lipids. This causes small haemorhages called micro aneurisms, and dot & blot haemorrhages. These are the early signs, called Non Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy. If this is not controlled with diet, exercise and losing weight or stopping to smoke, if you do, then it can lead to bigger haemorrhages in the retina like severe vision loss. This is called Proliferation diabetic retinopathy.

Symptoms include blurry or double vision, pain or pressure in one or both eyes and trouble seeing things out of the corner of your eyes. Treatment may include laser treatment or surgery, with follow-up care.

Diabetic and Glaucoma Screenings

People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from this condition than those without. Glaucoma happens when pressure builds up in the eye, damaging the main nerve. There are several treatments for glaucoma, like using medication to reduce pressure in the eye, having surgery or getting eye drops.


A cataract is a cloud over the lens of your eye and it blocks light. To help deal with mild cataracts, you may need to wear sunglasses more often and use glare-control lenses in your glasses. For cataracts that interfere greatly with vision, doctors usually remove the lens of the eye. The patient will get a new transplanted lens.

Understanding diabetes can be the reason you prevent blindness and other terrible complications from having diabetes. Remember prevention is cure and we are here to help you!

Education is key and working with the right team of health care professionals can be the reason for prevention of blindness.



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